The name is to allow us a shorthand for a persona. If you want to create a new task, first determine if it is consistent with one of the existing personas (possibly with some additional context for that persona) and, if so, write the task in that person's context. If you really need to create a new persona, please choose a name from the following lists of available names, or at least not re-use names from existing stories.

Female names:

Emma Sophia Olivia Emily Hailey Ella Lily Zoe Ava Kaitlyn Chloe Abigail Madison Brooklyn Sarah Isabelle Hannah Charlotte
Male names:
Liam Ethan Jackson Jacob Noah Lucas Aiden Logan Jack James Nicholas Benjamin Jayden Evan William Zachary


A persona gives context, emotional weight and motivation behind a story. When considering a change or a new feature, we can say, "How would Susan feel?", as a shorthand for asking how the change would effect the tasks that Susan has, as well as how her background and experience would interact with the feature to affect doing those tasks. If you want to provide a story with new tasks, please try to find an existing persona that captures the relevant context and motivation - or provide a natural and consistent extension to an existing persona that would capture the motivation for the tasks. If you need to create a new persona, please make the description as rich as possible.


Tasks are sometimes called "use cases", but we are looking for tasks that are less directive about how the task would be done, and more about what - the kind of thing that the persona wants to perform. Please try to make the task consistent with the persona, so that we can reason about how various solutions would be received by the persona.