We are using the idea of stories to drive our creativity and our decision-making for this project. A story consists of a name, a persona, and a series of tasks which that person wants to achieve.

GenderMag is a tool to consider gender in software design. At the very least, these should be taken into account while writing stories.


A persona gives context, emotional weight and motivation behind a story. When considering a change or a new feature, we can say, "How would Susan feel?", as a shorthand for asking how the change would effect the tasks that Susan has, as well as how her background and experience would interact with the feature to affect doing those tasks. We currently have the following personas: Susan, Bill, Emily, Jacob, Lily, William.


Tasks are sometimes called "use cases", but we are looking for tasks that are less directive about how the task would be done, and more about what - the kind of thing that the persona wants to perform. We currently have the following tasks: Demographic Marketing, Diversity, Math Exploration.

New stories

If you have a story that we haven't adequately captured, we welcome you giving us stories. We have a page of guidelines so we can include your ideas.